Urban Survival I

$100person or 150 / couple

A two-day, 8-hour course that will teach you the practical planning, gear, and mindset needed to survive in an urban environment for at least 30 days after a disaster situation. Whether it’s an earthquake, flooding, or wildfires, our experienced instructor will discuss multiple scenarios you may want to prepare for now!

What You’ll Learn…


  • Unit 1: Organizing Your Household Affairs
  • Unit 2: Water Sourcing, Purification and Storage
  • Unit 3: Establishing a Secure Pantry


  • Unit 4: Home Safety Assessments
  • Unit 5: Bug-Out Bags and EDC Gear/li>
  • Unit 6: Establishing a Mutual Aid Network
  • Unit 7: Bugging In vs. Bugging Out
  • Unit 8: Critical Skills That Will Keep You Alive

***All alumni of this course will also receive exclusive access to an online forum which will hold additional learning material and give students direct access to a larger Mutual Aid Network.

About The Instructor:

Jeffrey served over 20 years in the U.S. military and still managed to finish his degree at U.C.Berkeley. After the military, he went back to school and became a psychiatric nurse. He worked at a psychiatric hospital for the State of California several years before moving to Canada in 2013 to build a life together with his partner, Tamara.

Inspiration Behind Course:

While working on our off-grid organic farm, the idea for a survival school emerged and Ready To Thrive school was born. In partnership with Apex Self-Reliance, we launched Urban Survival I intended to provide beginner students with the critical skills necessary to survive unsupported for 30 days after disaster strikes.

What Makes Us Different From Other Survival Courses?

The belief that small, well-trained, and dedicated communities—not weapons—are the secret to overcoming any unforeseen calamities. Almost no one has the gear, knowledge, and will to make it alone. However, selfless everyday people, united with resilient like-minded neighbours, can share their burdens, resources and compassion, and not only survive—but prevail.


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