Our Mission

We at Apex strive to be an outlet of knowledge and education, so that you can build the necessary skills to become more self-reliant.

Your source for information regarding preparedness, hunting, bushcraft, food preservation, gear, traditional medicine, survival skills and much more!





Our Top Courses & Workshops

Food Preservation Workshop

Build your skills by learning the basics of food preservation: canning, jarring, mylar bags, bulk storage

Address: California
Added: 14.05.18
$100person or 150 / couple
Urban Survival I

A two-day, 8-hour course that will teach you the practical planning, gear, and mindset needed to survive in an urban environment for at least 30 days after a disaster situation. Whether it’s an earthquake, flooding, or wildfires, our experienced instructor will discuss multiple scenarios you may want to prepare for now!

Address: Burnaby
Added: 12.09.22
Intro To Cryptocurrency

A two-day, 6-hour hands-on workshop that will teach you the basics of setting up, securing and utilizing your crypto wallet.

Address: Burnaby
Added: 17.11.22